You need to clean your mattress: Here’s the Simplest Solution!

It is very important that once every few months you clean the mattress. Here’s how you can do it.

Nothing feels better than sleeping in a clean bed, with new underwear, freshly changed. Do you want to bring this feeling to the next level? Then we recommend that you make sure the mattress is as clean as possible. Mattresses can have stains, dirt, dust, mites … but there are some very simple ways to make your mattress almost new. Here are the necessary steps:

  • suction of the mattress;
  • cleaning stains;
  • Using an odorant – sodium bicarbonate sprinkles on the entire mattress surface (using a sieve). Leave to act for a few minutes, and then clean thoroughly with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Tip: If you do not want to use commercial products for cleaning, combine two parts of hydrogen peroxide with a soap dish. Use this mixture on the entire mattress surface, then clean with a clean towel.

Important: Use a thicker case to protect the mattress; change this case from time to time and wash it at higher temperatures for impeccable cleaning.

They’re practical and comfortable, but we’re getting a bit of a headache when it’s gone. That’s why we want to tell you how to clean the mattress easily and quickly, without headaches, with one of the most common ingredients. At the park meadows Colorado you will find the best of the available options now.

Dangers in the mattress

The toxic substances in his mattresses were still spoken, diisocyanate toluene being the most dangerous of them. If we can get rid of toxins relatively easily, with the help of … onion, the surface stains can get rid of the good ingredient at all – sodium bicarbonate.

This helps not only remove the stains on the mattress (with the smell they emit), but also remove the mites. The latter cause asthma, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis, and can penetrate into the lungs.

So it’s recommended using this method not only to remove the stains from the mattress, but also to refresh it and remove the mites.