Find the Finest Mattresses You Can Count on Now

You often don’t think about it, but your mattress can play an important role in the back complaints you have. Back problems are often caused by a wrong posture and if you consider that you spend an average of 8 hours in sleeping position, it is immediately clear why a mattress is so important! If you don’t get the right support for your back, the so-called intervertebral discs in particular are too heavily loaded and you are left with pain. So, you can safely say that the right support for your back is crucial!

A too hard mattress

If you lie on a mattress that is too hard, then your skin will not have enough space to sink sufficiently into the mattress. As a result, the cervical vertebrae and shoulders are particularly heavily loaded.

A too soft mattress

A too soft mattress, on the other hand, ensures that you tilt your pelvis, so the risk of ‘hanging out’ exists. This is certainly a big burden on the lower back for side sleepers!

What is the best mattress if you have back problems?

You can take a mattress test, for example the test on this site or that of the Consumers Association, as a basis and compare these mattresses on a number of points that are generally important to you. You may prefer certain materials (a mattress with a combination of cold foam and memory foam, for example, offers a good balance between support and comfort) or you may find a particular service very important. It is certainly recommended to buy a mattress with back problems on which you can sleep for 100 days. When testing the mattress, make sure that your back, when lying on your side, forms a nice straight horizontal line. Is that the case and after 3 to 4 weeks you notice that your back problems are decreasing (this time your body needs to get used to a new mattress), then you have the best mattress for your back!

Mattress test by yourself: test sleep!

This also brings you right in the final step. If you have bought the mattress from mattress stores surprise AZ, go test it extensively. Sleep at least 3 to 5 weeks before you make a judgment. Most bodies have to get used to a new mattress for a few weeks. So, if you are not comfortable the first week, it can be completely different after two weeks. Take your time!