How to choose a good mattress

Experts leave you a series of recommendations to follow when choosing a good mattress:

  • The height of the mattress should be at least 18 centimeters.
  • The length of the mattress should measure 10 centimeters more than the height of the person sleeping in it. In case it is a couple, it should be taken as reference to the highest person.
  • For width there is hardly any discussion, the wider the better, however, other factors such as the size of the room will also depend on it.
  • Depending on how firm you want the bed, there are different types of base that can go better or worse. If you want to notice it softer or more flexible, you should choose a slatted base, while if you want it to be firmer, you can choose a sofa or an upholstered base.

How often do you change the mattress?

It is recommended that it be at most every 10 years, but whenever your body undergoes changes or if you notice that you rest poorly, it is very likely that your needs have changed and you should consider changing the mattress before the maximum recommended time. Children, for example, need to change it more often because their child or adolescent needs will not be the same as when they are young or adult. The same happens with pregnant women, when they appear injuries, physical wear, weight gain, etc. Here comes the domain Austin with the best bit of information just in time.

If you have physical problems and doubts about what type of mattress can go better, it is always advisable to discuss it with a health professional who can guide you or a specialist in rest.

Expert recommends that you buy the mattress in an establishment where you can try the product for a while and that they give you the possibility to change it or return it.

During the test time, analyze the mattress and determine if it is the most suitable for your needs.

When you buy a mattress, make sure you have a guarantee in case you need to use it for possible manufacturing defects.

In addition to aspects such as the modality, the materials and the price of the mattress, pay special attention to the quality of the materials and their manufacture. Not always that we buy the cheap we are saving money and, what is more important, it is never good to save in health.

The good rest of the little ones of house is very important so that they have the best possible growth, for that reason, we invite you to consult the article How to choose a mattress for children.